Monday, October 26, 2009

Mike Hunt

So, in 1990s Seattle, this dude, Mike Hunt (Mike Aivaz, in real life) advocated super leftist politics, the smoking of huge amounts of weed and the free consumption of pornography on his weekly public access program, "Mike Hunt's Get Your Friend Laid Show." He actually ran for mayor once, too, on his "Pizza and Porn Platform". Hilarious.

In between lefty rants and copious bong hits, Mike Hunt would intersperse clips of hardcore porn. If I were to see it now, it wouldn't be particularly was mostly run-of-the-mill stuff, occasionally sprinkled with some light S&M and male-to-female transsexuals. However, as a kiddo, it was totally scandalous.

There was one scene, in particular, that I will never forget. It started as a closeup of a woman's face, obviously having sex. The shot widened to show her big ol' boobs bouncing around everywhere, as porn boobs do. The shot then widens further, which is where still-young me got kinda confused.

See, there was a guy there, too, happily thrusting away into this pretty woman. However, this pretty woman was also masturbating. Masturbating her penis. Looking back, it was mostly mundane as far as 'tranny porn' goes, but man at the time...the color of the world changed a little that day. Got a little bigger. In a porny kind of way, at least.

The Seattle Cable Access Network pulled the plug on Mike Hunt several years ago, after some parents (a total of about 6) complained that if their kids happened to be awake and watching television at 1 am (the only time the show aired), they might stumble upon this program and be corrupted. OK kids were stumbling upon it (I did, obviously), but why do SIX uptight people (in a viewing population of tens of thousands) get to spoil the fun for everyone? Is this America or what?! I hate people who get what they want by yelling loud enough. But I digress.

Mike Hunt still has a (very, very NSFW) website. If you want to look at some majorly porny porn, read about how 9/11 was an inside job, hear lots of Ron Paul and Ralph Nader speeches and feel good about that bong hit you're gonna take, Mike's gotcha covered. I warn you, though, the site has none of the charm of the show and mostly sucks. However, the brother brought me many hours of quasi-educational entertainment in my youth, so I'll give him a shout out and leave it to you to do as you wish. Yay America!


  1. Been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG fuckin' time since my friend Chris and I watched Mike. It is kinda funny to note that he was going off with these leftist rants when he acted so much like a libertarian. Glad to hear he is still getting friends laid; sad to hear his site sucks.

    Fuckin' A...

  2. Reminds me of the Golden Age in Seattle before the uptight yuppies took over and the cool kids fled/ were priced out.

    I remember he would get cute hippie and stoner chicks to flash their tits on camera and say 'everyone loves mike hunt'.

    Wish we were still that free as a country.....

  3. I was on the Mike Hunt Get Your Friend Laid show as a recurring character named Naked Man. Mike started getting very very radical and weird and that was the time I split. Before that, the show was about showing titties and getting laid and pushing the envelope of sex.

  4. Per the original post - Mike's run for Mayor of Seattle was as a Member of the POT and PORNOGRAPHY Party. Not Pizza and Porn! ~True Fan & Camera Man "Justin Case"