Saturday, December 25, 2010

Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, my lovely peeps.  Thank you all for reading, for commenting, and for supporting this endeavor over the past year or so!  It's totals the best present anyone could ask for - though the coffeetable book on 100 years of Women's Wear Daily from the Manfriend and the ice cream maker we got from my parents are also highly enjoyable.

I hope your day is (or has been) full of love, laughter and copious calories - and don't skimp on that mistletoe!  It's coooooooold out there, and gettin' some is an EXCELLENT way to stay warm!

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sexy Last Minute Gift for the Girl Who Actually Has Everything

There are all kinds of ridiculous things that advertisers try and pass off as Christmas gifts.  I know there are households where a brand new Lexus is not unheard of as a present, but I also know there aren't enough of them to warrant the number of commercials you see this time of year with big-ass bows sitting on big-ass cars in big-ass driveways.

recession schmisession!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just in Time for Kwanzchristmukkah!

The Kinect, a peripheral to Microsoft's XBox 360 gaming console, is essentially a motion-capture device that allows a gamer's whole body to become the controller.  It was released about a month and a half a go, and amazingly (but unsurprisingly), in that short amount of time, there is already a porny application for it!  This is NSFW!


Leave it to the adult entertainment industry to get in on the ground floor! Microsoft says the game won't actually be released because "Xbox is a family friendly games and entertainment console and does not allow Adults Only (AO) content to be certified for use on its platform."  Except the Kinect can also be connected to a regular computer, which means Microsoft doesn't really have to approve anything.  Get those feelin' hands ready, people!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's IGDD Baby!!

I'm adding another December holiday to the glorious Kwanschristmukkah celebrations already afoot: I hereby decree December 15th as International Going Down Day!  If you're in a position to go down on someone (in a consensual and appropriate manner, of course) tomorrow is the day to do it!

they're eating out*, and look how happy she is!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dang, There IS An App for Everything!

Scientists (respected scientists, even!) have received $6.5 million pounds (about $10.2 million US) from the British government to develop a rapid urine STD test - for your PHONE.

And I thought Grindr was clever!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

News Straight Men Have Been Waiting For!

Breasts have always been something that straight men (amongst others) are pretty enthusiastic about.  This has led to some controversy as to whether or not it is appropriate to express said enthusiasm by ogling.  Last year, a study was published that supposedly answered that question: staring at boobs is a good and healthy thing - in fact, it lengthens life expectancy!

She's saving your life!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy (day after) World AIDS Day!

I got totally whacked with schoolwork this week, so my World AIDS Day post is, as my father would say, a day late and a dollar short.  I had planned to do a recap of all the crazy (in a good way) and wonderful things that happened in the world of AIDS this year (no cure or anything, but exciting nonetheless), but I have treatment plans that need to get done and I got all screwed up with Thanksgiving and EXCUSE EXCUSE EXCUSE, but hey - you got some awesome links there, and here is a super cute AIDS awareness penguin for your enjoyment.

I'm naming him F.U. AIDS Penguin.

F.U. AIDS Penguin (who I had no part in the creation of - buy t-shirts here!) is dedicated not only to the millions of people affected with HIV in the world and those who work tirelessly to fight it, but also to T-Zous, my favorite penguin-loving Jew since 1991, who gave birth to an absolutely beautiful 7 pound baby girl early on World AIDS Day Eve (a.k.a. Nov. 30).  A big fat Mazel Tov to you, my girliefry - let's go eat sushi!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not. OK.

I usually try and keep things light here on Chakabox, even when talking about serious topics.  The world can get really depressing sometimes, and just spewing a bunch of morbid and scary statistics about scary and morbid things doesn't make for particularly engaging reading.  This's morbid, and it's scary, but I can't just leave it be, and can't really make it amusing, because there is nothing funny about it.

like, disgustingly not OK

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble, Baby

It's Turrrrrrrkey day, peeps!  In my family, that means we get together and sample the various ways we've all managed to cram butter into food.  That's how the Pennsylvania Dutch throw down, yo.  I once told my sister that I'd run out of butter, and she actually disowned me for about 6 hours.  It's that serious.  But let's leave butter and sex to Brando and Bertolucci (kinda NSFW), and instead, let's talk about turkeys and sex!

This came up under an image search for "sexy turkey".
I don't understand, but I'm gonna roll with it because HELLO.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Answerbox: What a Headache

Dear Answerbox:
A week or so ago, I was having sex with my wife (she was on top), and as I came, I got an insanely bad headache in the back of my skull.  It was so bad, I ended up in the emergency room getting a CAT scan.  The doctor said nothing was seriously wrong and sent me home with some headache pills.  WTF?  Is this going to happen for the rest of my life?
     I Found Out What Ruins Orgasms

subarachnoid hemorrhage is decidedly not sexy

Monday, November 15, 2010


A friend (and soon-to-be neighbor!) of mine is involved with a film currently in production called The Young Invincibles, "a film about sex, jobs and family in your 20's and 30's.  A film about life...with cancer."  When she told me about what she was working on, I mentioned a post I'd written last year about sexuality and cancer, because not only did I think it might be useful to her, I like it when people read my blog.

Get ready, festival circuit

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Workin' On It!

We've got some changes bein' worked out here, so things might get a little psychedelic over the next couple of days - just sit back and enjoy the ride, and we'll be back and sparkly as THIS:


Thursday, November 11, 2010


I wanna talk about them.  Know why?  I love them.  LOVE THEM.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool feminist and think that women are incredible, amazing creatures, but the truth is, I don't really want to have sex with them.  I mean, I'm sure it's great and everything - straight men and lesbians sure do seem to like it - but I am a passenger on the XY train, and I gotta tell's a damn good ride.

Yeah, baby, FASTER!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Porny Dilemma

We were discussing use of pornography in committed relationships in one of my classes last Friday, and toward the end of the discussion, a man in my class raised his hand and said something to the affect of, "It's important people know that all porn stars are victims of earlier sexual abuse, and by consuming pornography, you are witnessing a woman re-traumatizing herself for money."  I could go into how obnoxious I found this comment to be, but I would only be re-traumatizing myself.

"...I had to roll my eyes...roll them so was awful..."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There was exactly one movie my sister and I were not allowed to watch when we were younger: Blue Velvet.  My mom said that it depicted a side of humanity (and sexuality, but she didn't say that part at the time) that we didn't have context for yet, and she worried we wouldn't be able to fully integrate it, and it might screw with our heads.

David Lynch screw with someone's head?  Nah....

Behind the cut is an example of how my mama is no fool.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mea Culpa, Here's Some Porn

I have been PAINFULLY remiss in updating the Box, my friends, and for that I am sorry.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa (that is a shout out to not one, but two ex-amoreaux - I spent the past week writing my sexual history, and the trip down memory lane has stirred up all kinds of crazy memories.  Apparently, I have a thing for men who speak Latin.)


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Occupational Hazard

This past Tuesday, it was made public that an undisclosed actor in the LA porn business tested positive for HIV.  It's not the first time it's happened, but it is the first time in over a year, and it's making major waves in the adult film industry.  Several adult studios, including Vivid and Wicked Pictures, which are two of the largest, have temporarily shut down production entirely until the full extent of the exposure is known.

Team Hollywood is on the case

Monday, October 11, 2010


I've been debating whether or not to write about Tyler Clementi and the other young men that have recently taken their own lives as a result of bullying they each endured for being gay.  On the one hand, it's been covered to death in the mainstream news, and I don't want to be redundant.  On the other hand, can I not write about it?

Bullies make rainbows cry.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chakabox Research Corner!

Last week was not the best week in the history of clinical STD research.  Some of the news was disappointing, but not at all surprising, and some was just so awful, it makes me want to barf.

Happy October, everyone!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giving "Eat Me" a Whole New Meaning

Cannibalism isn't sexy.  I'm sorry if that offends any cannibals, but I'm just going to go ahead and say it.  I'm not saying that if I were part of the Donner Party, or one of those poor bastards that got in that plane crash in the Andes that I wouldn't break off a piece of someone if I got hungry enough, but it's just not sexy.  OK, there is a guy in Germany that might beg to differ, but he, like, eats people, and do you really want to listen to a guy who eats people?

Although I have heard they can pair a Chianti like a mofo

Friday, September 24, 2010

British Spies are SMART

I've already admitted that I rather fancy the Brits.  I like their accents and I like their television (which is always so much better than the American remakes), and I like looking at their princes.  Not that they don't have their problems (we can talk about the deeply ingrained racism and classism another time), and it's not like they didn't act like dicks running around colonizing everything for about a jillion years, but I have an uncanny ability to romanticize things when I want to.

A typical Tuesday night in a typical British household

Thursday, September 23, 2010


My friend Lindsey posted this video on Facebook (become a friend of Chakabox!), and it makes me incredibly happy.  I'm not really a ninja girl, and never really have been, but this makes me think I may have been horribly, horribly misguided about that.

They do what the men do, only backwards and in kimono and with their vaginas.

Seriously, put Uma Thurman in her yellow jumpsuit up against this chick and there would be NO CONTEST.  I mean, The Bride could kick some ass and all, but could she put someone back in her WOMB?!  Nope, all she did was regular, garden-variety getting someone out of her womb, and she was even unconscious while doing that.  Nope, amazing sword or no, she's no match for the Queef of Doom.  

Katana Schmatana

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Erotic Horror, Deep Sea Style

I was all set to do this big political post inspired by video about a 90's anti-masturbation campaign put forth by a woman who recently won the GOP primary in Delaware, but got exhausted trying to explain in a succinct and entertaining manner that I really don't hate Republicans or Christians, so I bagged it.

Let's just say that I believe repression of natural sexuality leads to unhealthy ends and that while politicians' religious beliefs must inform their legislative actions, they should never dictate them - we live in a secular society.

That being said, it is my goal that everyone feel welcome, no matter where you fall relative to the proverbial aisle.  I remain unapologetically pro-choice and pro-comprehensive sex education in schools, but if you can hang with that, I hope you can feel comfortable here.

This is Mark.  He's how we try to roll.

But enough with politics.  Instead, let's talk about how crazy the sex lives of deep sea anglerfish are, because their sex lives are CRAZY. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're Going to Take a Wee Break

But not in the Golden Shower kind of way.  This past weekend, my family was dealt quite a blow when my nephew, Kai, was stillborn September 5th.  He was full term, a beautiful baby, just not meant for this world.  His parents are doing OK, but are understandably reeling, as are we all.

I'm going to take about a week off (which will be more like 2 weeks once it's all said and done), but I promise the Box will be back in full force soon, spreading the word of the sexy.  In the mean time, I ask that each and every one of you cherish your loved ones to their bone marrow.  Our lives are rare and precious, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you.

for Kai

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chakabox is 1!

WHAT?!  Where does time go, I ask you?  This time last year, I had just come back from visiting my sister in the tropics, almost certainly decided to apply to graduate school, and decided (with the loving prodding of the Manfriend) that what the hizz, I was going to write a blog.

Now, my sister no longer lives in the tropics and is about to have a baby, I'm 9 months in to graduate school, and I've actually managed to carve out a wee niche into the interwebs.  Seriously, following your dreams is fun!

Cake courtesy of some of the best girlfriends a sex blogger could ask for!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obvious Child

I have girlcrushes. One is Heather Morris, who plays Brittany on Glee ("I took all my antibiotics at once, and now I can't remember how to leave").  Another is Jenny Slate.  I first noticed her on Saturday Night Live doing these weirdly hilarious commercials for doorbells and alarm clocks and whatnot.  Then came Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which is something you just have to watch, fer serious.

so cute, she gets a pass on wearing an ice skating costume in public

My girlcrush was cemented when I saw Obvious Child,  "a romantic comedy about an unplanned pregnancy, an abortion, and a great first date in an unlikely location."  It's a 20 minute short film that made my day in about 15 different ways.  Here it is for your enjoymatude:

Well, I'm accustomed to a smooth ride...

This film shows that abortion is hardly something to look forward to, but that it's usually, frankly, kind of a good thing.  I mean, no woman WANTS to have an abortion, no matter what the people standing in front of abortion providers with gory signs and sanctimonious attitudes say.  Most women who terminate pregnancy are doing it because they think they're doing what's best for what would eventually become their children, namely, not bringing them into the world until they'd have parents ready to properly care for them.

It's not always a hard decision to make, but getting an abortion is always a hard thing to go through.  I think Obvious Child illustrates how it can be made a whole lot easier if a woman has open support and help from people that love her.  And also pads with wings.

And let me just say that until every anti-abortion protester is actively supporting comprehensive sex education in schools and/or fostering unwanted children, I wish they would just zip it already.

Monday, August 23, 2010


We've had a break from No Babies for a while, and some recent goings on (well, June, but let us not split hairs) warrant a return: an FDA panel has unanimously voted to approve Ulipristal acetate (UPA), a new emergency contraceptive, or "morning after pill", for use in the US.  If taken within 5 days of unprotected sex, it can effectively - and significantly - reduce the likelihood of unplanned pregnancy.

for those evenings where dirty martinis lead to dirty...everything

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Tingles

I could link to video of the first boy I totally wanted to make out with in 6th grade, as he has become a minor internet sensation, but that would be too embarrassing for words.  Instead, I reveal the first more widely-known man to catch what would become my certifiably boy-crazy eye:

Dance, magic, my pants

Monday, August 9, 2010

Answerbox: What's the Deal With Furries?

Dear Answerbox:

What is the name of the fetish where people dress up in mascot/animal costumes? That one fascinates me... how is that sexy? How does it work?

Never Looked At My Teddy That Way Before

It'll never be the same again

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lollipop Girls

Ok, seriously...the internet is insane with its mostly SFW porn alternatives.  I thought I'd mostly seen it all when I discovered the pedal pumping phenomenon, but there are apparently a kabillion ways to get off watching girls without having to worry about getting fired for watching it at work.

though really, your boss would have to be mostly clueless to not get it

These vids are a whole lot more self-explanatory than their foot/car fetish contemporaries, but I still mostly don't get it.  I mean, she's super cute, but it goes on for SIX MINUTES.  And she's not the only one out there!!  Maybe I need a penis that could empathize with the lolly? Or at least a sexual orientation that would find girls sucking on things seductively, well, seductive?   What do you think, or not?

A big thanks to Rich over at Fourfour, both for the link to Lollipop Girl (she is one of his heroes) and for blogging America's Next Top Model like nobody else can.  And also for Winston.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today is One of My Favorite Days!!

Because it was the day the Manfriend got borned!  Thank you, Mama and Daddy Manfriend, for doin' your thang and bringing this human into the world who smells so good and is such a good kisser.  Happy birthday, babe - love you bunches!!

This here is what the Manfriend does to my heartpart.
drawing by Allie Brosh, who sometimes appears to live in my head

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hulu is the second best place on the internet, folks (after yours truly, of course).  Not only does it allow me to watch Glee on my own time (read: when I'm alone so I can cry in peace when Kurt's dad vies for father of the year, or, you know, they come back from commercial or something), but it introduces me to documentaries like Fetishes.

you have to sign up and prove you're a grownup to watch won't die from it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gel Says: GTFO HIV!

Exciting news on the anti-STD front, people!  If it weren't before noon, I'd straight up have a cocktail, but as a general rule I try to avoid drinking before noon on weekdays.  It's tempting though, because this is cause for celebration:  for the first time, a vaginal gel has shown real promise in a large-scale clinical trial at preventing the spread of HIV in sexually active women.  

this use of gel should also prevent STDs because ew, don't sleep with that, but no. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dirty House Cleaning

The following is posted on a light pole outside my apartment building:

he won't do you, but he WILL do your windows!

Seeing as how I'm an unemployed graduate student, I am entirely unable to justify retaining domestic help, no matter how cheap or naked it might be.  I'm not sure if he's a naturist, a kind of exhibitionist (link NSFW), or if he's just a housecleaner with an angle, but I applaud his entrepreneurial spirit, no matter what his motives.  Work it out, Nude Home Cleaner & Domestic Assistant (guy)!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Answerbox: Can Viagra Help Women Orgasm Faster?

Dear Answerbox-

I'm a woman in my mid-thirties with an orgasm problem.  I can have them, but it takes a really, really long time, even when I'm by myself.  I enjoy sex, and my boyfriend is skilled and generous, but we're both a little frustrated.  I've heard that taking the old "blue pill" [Viagra] might help - is that true?

Lady in Waiting

Well, we know what happens when you take the little red pill...

Monday, July 5, 2010

After about a thousand years of debate, the internet now has .xxx, a top-level domain just for porn.  It was approved this week by the people who approve such things.  The main point of this is so that parental filters and whatnot can more effectively and efficiently weed out the kinds of porny things little eyeballs shouldn't see.

Mr. Coffee failed in it's parental filter attempts in the 90s

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rape at Your Own Risk

It is probably not a surprise that I am very firmly anti-rape.  I mean, what kind of an asshole consciously rapes someone?  Unless agreed upon in a mutually consensual and explicitly discussed way beforehand, if someone says "no" (or any permutation thereof,) during sexy time, sexy time is over.  This is not a complicated concept.

assholes with horses, apparently

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Looking for Fun This Weekend?

I, for one, am going CAMPING this weekend, which I could not be more stoked about.  We're going up to the North Cascades to tool around in boats, climb waterfalls, eat a bunch of yummy grubbins, and drink a lot while soaking up the sunshine.

this is the most funnest place

Saturday, June 19, 2010

When Sleepytime = Sexytime

Sometimes, I can't sleep.  It's kind of a drag, but I mostly don't mind.  It usually happens because I'm stressed out about something and can't wind down, but sometimes it's because there's too much noise outside (I live downtown and there's people and cars and frickin' garbage trucks going all night).  On more rare occasions it's because the Manfriend mounts a production of his momentous and rousing Sleepytime Symphony.

I want that teeth gnashing just pianissimo tonight, people...

It all pales in comparison, though, to Sexsomnia, or sleepsex. It's a variant on sleepwalking where sufferers perform all kinds of sexual actions, including talking dirty, masturbating, and having sexual intercourse with people, all while fast asleep.  Think x-rated sleepwalking - not something easily remedied by earplugs (which are a miracle of sleep science, by the way).

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Back in 1979, an extraordinarily bizarre and impressive gathering of people got together to make an extraordinarily bizarre and impressive movie about one screwed-up Roman Emperor.  

I'm talking about Caligula, a movie written by Gore Vidal, produced by Franco Rossellini, and starring heavy-hitting names like Peter O'Toole, Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren and Sir John Gielgud.  What's so weird about that?  Nothing, except for all the hardcore pornography.

That's DAME porn star, thank you very much

Friday, June 11, 2010


You guys, I got a present!  From readers!  In Australia!!  Because I have readers in Australia!!  SO EXCITING!!!!!!!

she is my hero, by the way

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leather Retreat: Camp Non-Vanilla!

I went to camp when I was a kid, but it wasn't like this camp.  I mean, if I had been older than 11 and a lesbian (I went to Girl Scout Camp), I guess it could have been, but I think it would have been seriously, seriously frowned upon.  
"It's just...I don't think that's how they meant for the archery course to be used, is all."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Brother is Watching Your Junk

Amongst the random things that I love is WWI and WWII propaganda art.  So imagine my delight when I found out that during both of these wars, there were huge campaigns against STDs, or if you want to be authentic, VD.  Instead of trying to describe the sheer awesomeness of them, I present a selection for you!  TheChive has a crapload more here - thanks to them for accumulating all of 'em into one single page of sheer Chaka joy!

This is on the lid of my lunchbox.  It is the best lunchbox in the world.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Lady Pond

Know who's hilarious and intelligent and poignant and who I love down to my toenails even though she subjected the world to "It's Pat"?  Julia-frickin'-Sweeney.  Below is a short talk (about 5 minutes) she did at TED one year, about what happened when her 8-year-old started asking where baby frogs come from. I LOVE HER.

OK, does anyone know how to scale embedded videos from TED instead of cropping them?  This hurts me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex Surrogacy - Therapy or Prostitution?

So, the reason I'm in graduate school right now is to eventually become a sex therapist.  I'm really good at talking about sex and also at talking to people and I figure it's probably a good match.  As I talk to people about this, a surprising number of them have asked me if that means I'd be, "you know, having sex with people?"

Well, sure, all of us do.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Glee, Nekkid

I love Glee.  LOVE IT.  What self-respecting former drama geek - particularly what former musical theatre drama geek - doesn't?   It's hilarious, it's ruthless, it's educational (did you know that dolphins are really just gay sharks?) and reminds the country weekly that Jane Lynch is the best thing that has happened to television in a long time.  If they'd just stop auto-tuning professional, classically-trained singers, I would be in 100% hea-ven.  HEAVEN I TELL YOU.

Glee: where ephedrine + Katrina and the Waves = education!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Medical Supplies for Lovers

I was doing some shopping with a friend yesterday, and in one of the shops we ducked into, I found a little something on a table full of various flyers that absolutely made my day:

It's an internet store for bloodsports and medical fetishists!  Neither my friend nor the Manfriend knew such things existed, so in case you haven't either, here's a brief rundown of medical fetishes and bloodsports:

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Haven't the Dutch Thought Of?!

The Manfriend and I went to Amsterdam about 5 years ago, and we both loved it.  It's gorgeous, it's chill, it gives right-of-way to bicycles over trains, and you can get your hands on some of the best shawarma outside of the Middle East.  It's an exceedingly old city with some incredible places of historical and cultural interest, and you can walk through the little alleyways and streets forever and see something new every time. Let's face it, though...this is not what Amsterdam is best known for.

it actually looks like this!  photo by the Manfriend

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hey, Let's Put on A Show!!

I saw the trailer to this movie on a list of movies about movies (man, I love a list...) and knew it was something I had to see.  The Amateurs is about group of sweet but kinda losery guys who decide their way to fame and fortune is to make the world's first feature-length amateur porn film.

I'm not going to lie, it lags a little in the first half.  The performances are great, and there are some interesting, even important points made about the porn industry (the pervasiveness of racist attitudes and stereotypes about the prowess and appetites of black men, for example) but it's a little slow in places.  

Stick with it, though, because the last half hour or so makes the whole thing worth it.  Seriously, it's's great.  It totals made my day, and I totals recommend it!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thunderbolt - Party Naked

So this guy, Jay Thunderbolt, who is super tall and has a half-paralyzed face after getting shot in the head when he was 11, operates a strip club.  So what? you may ask, quite rightly.  Strip clubs are everywhere, even here in the Emerald City, where we are experiencing a die-off of 'em, what with the Lady closing and the dubious-at-best Ricks being shut down (with 4 other clubs owned by the same sleazy guys) as part of a racketeering/prostitution plea deal - but I digress.  Thunderbolt's club is different: it's in his house.

Like this house, only naked

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Know what I love doing?  Kissing.  The first time I saw the Manfriend, (whose lips are a cross between Angelina and LL in their deliciousness), I wanted to grab his face and kiss it for a week, and that was even before I wanted him to be my Manfriend.

Whether it's a soft brush on my eyelid or a ravenous om nom nom, I'd rather be kissing than doing most anything else, especially writing a paper about ethical decision-making models in counseling, which is what I've been doing for the past week instead of posting here.

In penance, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite kisses in film history, for your viewing pleasure, because if anything is as good as kissing, it's a list.

Friday, April 23, 2010

American Economy Crashes While SEC Jerks Off

Not much renders me speechless.  The Manfriend planned a surprise trip to Vancouver, BC to see the Dalai Lama a couple years ago for my birthday - that did it.  Seeing fireflies for the first time did it.  So did walking through a third world cancer ward for the first time.  So did this bulls*!t.

Apparently, one of the reasons the Securities and Exchange Commission failed to notice that the American economy was headed down a doom spiral was that they were too busy watching porn.  Hard core, full penetration, bow-chicka-bow-wow porn.  I'm not talking some rank-and-file cubicle monkey here - I'm talking 17 top-tier members of the SEC. Men (and at least one woman) in the second-highest federal pay grade: between $100K - $222K taxpayer dollars every year.

"Dude, Fannie Mae is too HOT to fail!"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Apparently, a British woman is claiming that she became pretty much permanently sexually aroused after falling off her Wii Balance Board. Seems to me the Wii connection is kind of incidental, frankly.  I mean, it's not like she was using the thing in a prescribed manner and had some of legendary unending orgasm whilst doing Super Mario Yoga or something.

This exists.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GO, Steamworks!!

Last night, the Manfriend and I were taking a stroll over to one of our favorite little places to have some cocktails (who says date night can't be on a Tuesday?!), when we passed by something that gave me a natural high that lasted even after my actually-not-too-sweet gin lemon drops started warming things up.  (BTW, if you've never had a lemon drop with gin instead of vodka, you should totally give it a try - it is a beautiful thing.)

John would've understood how I felt...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Night, Sweet Lady

The Seattle Lusty Lady is closing its doors this summer, and I could not be more sad about it.  Not only has its shiny marquee sexed up and amused Downtown Seattle since I was a monkey, it's known as being a great place for women to work - it's generally managed by females (which is a rarity in the industry), dancers are paid an hourly wage rather than being tip-dependent, providing a more stable income, and profit-sharing is only one of the benefits available to employees.

culture, dammit!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sexy Furniture

Classes started again this week, so my posting regularity might go down a little for a while.  I will totally not leave you cracked out and twitchy, though, because that's not cool.  For your fix of random sexy stuff for the day, I present you with Mario Philippona, dutch sculptor, furnituremaker and fan of the female form.