Sunday, March 17, 2013

Design for Lovers

I love good design.  Utilitarian is great, and it most certainly gets the job done, but when something can be clever, beautiful and useful, all at the same time, it's like a little slice of sunshine.


This little contraption is not exactly puppies and sunshine, but it has a certain...functional adorability to it that pleases me.

It's like LEGO for your parts!

The EasyTail was designed in 2006 by Mathieu Turpault and David Schiff to make putting on a condom foolproof.  There is, most definitively, a wrong way to put on a condom.  If you (or the man you are sexing up) put it on upside down (so it can't be rolled down), it can't simply be flipped over - there's all kinds of goodness on there now, and you have to get a new one.

That condom's there for a reason, bro
The idea is that this invention makes it impossible to put a condom on backwards, as well as making putting on a condom itself super easy to do!  Within 2 seconds!  Whether or not the penis to be condomed is fully or only half erect!  What a great idea!

Handy as hell!

The EasyTail, apparently, never quite got off the ground (it is a lot of packaging for one much that it might end up costing more than just getting another condom and thereby rendering itself obsolete), but it was clever enough to catch the praise of the Core77 Design Awards in 2011, winning the runner-up position in the "Never Seen The Light Of Day" category...which, I'm sure, is way better than it sounds, and totally an award you want.

Awesome award, guys.

And really, have you invented something that makes it nearly impossible to put on a condom the wrong way, much less one that was the second best idea that never happened in 2011?  Yeah, me neither.  Go, designer guys from Philadelphia!

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  1. OK, I just had a do you get the applicator off? That flappy bit looks like it could get stuck on the glans, or even just on the latex itself. That's no good.