Friday, April 5, 2013

20 Years of Sex Positive Commerce!

There is a store that makes me so happy I can't even stand it.  I'm not much of a shopper, so this is a relatively rare thing - there are some stores that make me happy, but for the most part, I'd rather walk barefoot on gravel than shop.

Right after a pedicure, even, when your feet are all soft

Babeland, though...Babeland makes it fun to shop.  And be a human.  The concept is something so right up my alley, it's not even funny - a feminist sex toy shop.  A place where women and their partners (male, female, trans or otherwise) can go and find anything they could ever want or need to have about as much fun as you can in the sack.

Luxurious rubber sheets.  They have EVERYTHING.

They opened in the spring of 1993 as Toys in Babeland, which is one of the best and most appropriate store names I've ever heard.  Over the years, they've come to have an incredible inventory of vibrators and dildos (including some beautiful glass ones), a zillion different condoms and lubes (and gloves and dental dams...), some gorgeous BDSM accessories, even accessories to aid in preferred gender expression and fun white elephant gifts.

Because admit it:  you'd fight for this.

In addition to their fantastic products, they have the nicest staff you could hope for.  Informative, unshockable and enthusiastic.  They actually seem to care about their customers' sex lives, and seem invested in making sure they come as hard as they can, in an entirely appropriate way.  Men (gay, straight, trans, and everything in between) are 110% welcome, too.  It's delightful.


To put icing on a cake that is already so yummy it doesn't even NEED icing, Babeland offers a whole slew of classes, on everything from giving a great blowjob, to raising kids without sexual shame.  The only fault I find is that for my personal tastes, their video offerings leave something to be desired, but they carry a lot of female-produced porn, which is rad.

Awesome and also rad.

They've got 3 stores in New York, now, as well, and are all kinds of online.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  Your parts will thank you, I promise.  Happy Birthday, Babeland!

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