Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Tingles

I could link to video of the first boy I totally wanted to make out with in 6th grade, as he has become a minor internet sensation, but that would be too embarrassing for words.  Instead, I reveal the first more widely-known man to catch what would become my certifiably boy-crazy eye:

Dance, magic, my pants

My tastes have turned toward taller, meatier men with less makeup, but watching Labyrinth last night (chosen by the Manfriend...his entirely unexpected love of 80s fantasy movies is one of many reasons he is my Manfriend), Jareth the Goblin King remains undeniably delicious.  And he says things like "I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave."  I mean, damn.  Seriously, no man can rock ruffles and tights like Bowie.    

OK, so there's one

But, I digress (get me talking about sexy men and my mind tends to wander.  I said I was boy crazy, right?). As little kids, we don't have many sexy feelings.  I mean, kids masturbate and experiment with each other and everything, but they do it because it feels good, not because it feels sexy, per se.  Our bodies aren't set up to feel sexy until puberty, which is when most people get their first real twinges in their parts.

Who made you tingle in your tween years?  Go ahead and share - you can even do it anonymously!  I want to  encourage people to comment and discuss and call me out on stuff if I need it - let's get the comment train out of the station!  YEAH!!!


  1. oh God, Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron.

  2. There were so many-boy crazy was an understatement. There was a laundry list of stars of the moment but Mark Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris!) Christian Slater...but the first tingles really came when a childhood friend would make up long stories- what I now know is erotica- but for a 12 year old who knows nothing of sex- it sounded good and I knew it was turning me on. The tween tingles, indeed!

  3. Corey Haim held an important place on my walls, right next to River Phoenix and James Dean. Wait...oh, my squeezus...I'm a murderer.

    RIP, you pretty boys, you.

  4. "You remind me of the babe"
    "what babe?"
    "The babe with the power"
    "What power?"
    "The power of voodoo"
    "Who do?"
    "You do"
    "Do what?"
    "Remind me of the babe"