Monday, August 2, 2010

Lollipop Girls

Ok, seriously...the internet is insane with its mostly SFW porn alternatives.  I thought I'd mostly seen it all when I discovered the pedal pumping phenomenon, but there are apparently a kabillion ways to get off watching girls without having to worry about getting fired for watching it at work.

though really, your boss would have to be mostly clueless to not get it

These vids are a whole lot more self-explanatory than their foot/car fetish contemporaries, but I still mostly don't get it.  I mean, she's super cute, but it goes on for SIX MINUTES.  And she's not the only one out there!!  Maybe I need a penis that could empathize with the lolly? Or at least a sexual orientation that would find girls sucking on things seductively, well, seductive?   What do you think, or not?

A big thanks to Rich over at Fourfour, both for the link to Lollipop Girl (she is one of his heroes) and for blogging America's Next Top Model like nobody else can.  And also for Winston.

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  1. Yowza, I'm a chica and I think I just picked up some new tips! Ahem.