Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Baby, I Want You...To Sign This, Please

The forties were a crazy time in America.  There was WAR and insane racism but also great shoes and delicious, delicious Gene Kelly.  There was also this:

Who needs moonlight and roses when there's paperwork?!

A gentleman could give this to a lady prior to having casual sex with her, in case said lady thought said gentleman might marry her or something, which he would most certainly not do.  It was also useful in case the cops barged in because they suspected a fee-for-service situation.  Or that he trafficking her, which is also what the Mann Act (officially the White Slave Traffic Act) was (and is) about.

I'm all about communication - you don't accrue the kind of debt I'm currently in the process of expanding to become a therapist if you're not.  But a pre-coital agreement is taking it a little far, I think.  I know it was a different time and all...but dang.

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