Monday, January 24, 2011

Sinplex Weekend

There are two sexually transmitted infections that are kind of in a class by themselves:  herpes and HPV.  What makes them unique is that they are generally non-life-threatening, but also incurable.  HPV is usually cleared by a person's immune system after a few years, but herpes is around for life.

it'll keep poppin' in from time to time, just to say hi

The stigma around herpes is also unique, even from that of HPV.  While working at the herpes clinic, I heard the statement "I'd rather have AIDS than herpes" exactly 6 times too many (for a total of 6 times). I understand that these people were hurting, and feeling damaged and wronged, but it made me want to jump out of my skin.

some perspective people, please.

Yes, herpes complicates life, and especially complicates sex, but it doesn't preclude either.  Want proof?  Come join us February 18 - 20 here in Seattle for Sinplex Weekend!  It's a convention for people affected by herpes and HPV, as well as the people who love them.  I'm going to be there as a counselor and panel member!  Learning will have never been more sexy or more fun!

This is happening instead of learning, so it doesn't count

During the day, there will be talks, panels and support groups around pretty much any topic you could ask for, including basic biology of herpes and HPV, risk reduction tips for uninfected partners, what happens in support groups, and how to deal with anger.  If knowledge is power, Sinplex will be the friggin' Hoover Dam, people!

hard, wet, and full of power!!

At night, social side of Sinplex emerges - live music and parties involving pajamas and/or hot tubs...the whole shebang is being held in a hotel, and is embracing that infection with HPV is a common, manageable consequence of sexual activity with people who have had sex before, and that if a person already has herpes, they're not going to get it again.  In other words, stigma kinda goes out the window, and people get friendly.

d'ya know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

So if you have herpes or HPV and have been struggling with it, come join us!  If you know and/or love someone struggling, send them to us!  Come see how utterly NOT alone you are in your struggle!  Learn something!  Get some!  It'll be a safe (in all ways), open, and non-judgmental place to learn, unwind and feel great about yourself!  Come to for just the educational stuff during the day, just the social stuff at night, or double your fun and come for all!

Want to join us?  Register for Sinplex Weekend here - there's a $30 off special going on right now, and a sliding-scale fee available for those low on scrill at the moment.   Hope to see you there!


  1. I guess having herpes/HIV/HPV or other STDs is not the end of the world. Honestly, I'm living with HIV positive for 2 years. I was upset and think my sex life was over.

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