Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best. Picture. Ever.

During my visit to the homestead of the Manfriend, his mom and I spent an afternoon elbow-deep in baby pictures of the cutest little tow-headed boy you ever frickin' saw.  In the midst of the adorbz, though, I came across the Best.  Picture.  Ever.  It's like the universe put the Manfriend and I together so that I would one day get to see this picture.

poetry...pure poetry.

That's the Papa du Manfriend there, leaning against that sign, when he was stationed in Korea.  The sign was posted at the gate of the base he lived on, reminding the men that keeping their junk healthy (by keeping away from street girls and New York) was part of their duty to themselves and their country.

The recruiter said there would be street girls!!!

According to Papa Manfriend, most of the places on the list, which rotated out every few weeks, were clubs dotted around the base.  Because seriously, South Korean bars will give you the clap like that, just by walking in the door. They're totally infectious like that.

filthy, I tell you

It would be hilarious if the military was calling out states as sexually transmitted disease vectors, though, wouldn't it?


In all seriousness, though, it's nice to know the gubmint was looking out for the privates - and the soldiers, too!  HA!    

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