Friday, April 15, 2011

Terrifying? Incredible? It's Bowf!

Here's something to know about me:  spiders and I don't really get along.  In fact, they utterly terrify me.  Once, I slept on my couch for 3 days because there was this big horrific spider (at least the size a large New-York style pizza, I swear) camped out on the wall above my bed.

Pictured: the beast's tent

Truth is, when spiders show up, be they in life or on screen, I tend to hightail it out of wherever I happen to be.  READING about Shelob in The Lord of the Rings nearly made me catatonic, but SEEING her in the film version was like watching a replay of every spider nightmare I've ever had.

wake me up wake me up wake me up!

However, despite the level of heebie jeebie it raises in me, I have to share this video because it's pretty incredible.  The clip below shows the mating ritual of the Peacock spider, which is actually as hilarious as it is amazing.  The action starts around the 2:30 mark:

Hey!  Hey!  Over here!  Excuse me!  Lady!  Over here!

Despite both these creatures having more eyes than I can really handle and moving more quickly than I really feel comfortable with, how cool is that?!  The world is AMAZING, is it not?  And though I don't recommend it for peoples, I find it vaguely hilarious that if a lady peacock spider isn't impressed with a male's display, she'll just eat him.

Yay nature!  You made a spider neat enough that even I couldn't resist watching it try and get laid!

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