Friday, April 1, 2011

Lessons from an American Adventure

Manfriend and I spent the past couple weeks visiting his parents and driving for hella - as in, from Atlanta to Seattle.  I learned some interesting things on our travels:

1.  Driving for 14 hours a day is exhausting and makes your ass hurt.

2.  It is illegal for porn to be made or distributed in Oklahoma, yet the state is among the top 10 consumers of porn in the country.  Vice laws totally work, didn't you know?

3.  Having sex in cheap motels is really fun.

4.  It is totally worth it to stay friends with your exes, and to not be weird about your sweetie staying friends with his or her exes.  I got to meet the Manfriend's ex on our trip, and have gained a crazy awesome new friend out of it, and an ex of mine provided us with a much-needed oasis of hospitality, beer, and good conversation out in the New Mexican desert. 

5.  The Manfriend is awesome.  It's not every man I could spend 4 days in a van with and still want to make out at the end of it.

Speaking of the happens to be the 5th anniversary of having him as my Manfriend!  So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go interrupt some Fallout: New Vegas (he's on his last day of vacation) and avail myself of his goodness.  Yay - it's good to be home!!


  1. I too agree, the Manfriend is much like the Dos Equis guy w/o the beard or hip dysplasia