Saturday, May 14, 2011

No, Seriously...It's Everywhere

So, some Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.  You've heard this, right?  When I think about the raid, I tend to picture Demi Moore.  Not to take away from the sheer bad-assery of the actual guys that went in and did it, but I've seen GI Jane one too many times.

And also, getting killed in the face by a GIRL would've really pissed him off

Well, the latest news is that the people that went in to OBL's compound to get all his stuff found a bunch of porn.  There's no evidence that the man himself procured, or even watched, any of it, but it was there, in the compound of a religious extremist infamous for ramming planes into countries that do things like watch porn.

Irony: most poetic when extremists are involved

To me, this is simply more proof of what I have believed for a long time: most people in the world view sexually explicit material, by choice, at some point in their lives, if not regularly.  Which means that looking at sexually explicit material is not deviant or perverted - it means it's the exact opposite of deviant or perverted. It means it's NORMAL.

Normal curve or trouser tent?  You make the call.

Anything can be taken to an extreme, and spending most of your time watching porn or accessing other sexually explicit material is evidence that something's up with you, but it's normal to be turned on by sexy things, and it's normal to want to access them.

So lighten up, extremists. Kind of in general.

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