Friday, April 26, 2013

Dave Chappelle and Q-Tip Explain STDs to America's Youth

Dave Chappelle is funny as hell.  And Q-Tip apparently does everything well (and is also beyond dreamy).  Here, they (and also Snoop Dogg/Lion) tell some youngsters (and now you!) about penis diseases!  (NSFW on account of puppet nudity!)

Kid's face at 1:32!

How great is it when entertainment can teach you something?  The only thing not true in that whole video is that you can't get crabs from toilet seats - though you CAN get them from bed sheets, towels and sofas.  And just so you know, the story about crabs going extinct because of Brazilian waxing is based on doctors' anecdotal data, not any kind of actual scientific research, so we haven't exactly dodged a bullet yet.

Look how happy that non-extinct crab is!!

So take it from Dave, kids..."Keep your genitals out of harm's way, don't chase money, and refrain from littering, you'll be a winner!

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