Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Answerbox: Goin' Down with a Cold

I got the following question in the Answerbox: "If I have a cold and I go down on a girl, can I give her my cold?" Such a good question!!

Because a woman's yoni is a mucous membrane, just like the inside of the mouth or the nose, yes, the tissue is susceptible to viral infection, even with a cold or flu virus.

However, because cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces and even in tiny water droplets in the air, it would be really hard to determine if the virus entered the body through specifically oral sex, as opposed to a more mundane route like a kiss or a sneeze or just being close to each other.

C'mere baby...lemme give you a kiss...

So, can you give a cold through oral sex? Yes. Will you? Probably not before you give it to her some other way.

Send in your questions because I love them!

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