Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recession Proof Jobs

Everybody keeps talking about health and computer careers being recession-proof employment. That very well may be true, but there is another industry that does gangbusters and better, no matter what the economic climate. The Adult Entertainment Industry. wants to hook you up with your "dream life" as an adult entertainment professional. They've got listings for men, women and transgendered actors, models, phone operators, and a bevy of other porny labor opportunities for the unemployed or underemployed masses.

Job seekers can post a resume and employers in need of talent can search said resumes for free, much like any other job site, like or, except with boobs. There are subscription membership 'upgrades' for cash, which supposedly give people access to additional job information, but I couldn't get much info about what the benefits really are. They get over 20,000 hits a month, so somebody's looking at it!

...yes, but what is your educational background?

I first heard about this on Judge Judy (who is kind of my hero) where a woman who was hired through this service got screwed (not literally) by the guy who hired her, so it's not always smooth, but the site is authentic. Like other job search sites, potential employers contact talent directly, so the site doesn't take a cut.

I'll say, as I do to all people I come across that are thinking about becoming sex workers, that if you choose to go for one of these jobs, do your research before going anywhere. Make sure the people you're going to work for are legit and professional. This goes for women AND men.

When going to a new job, make sure at least one person knows where you're going, who you're working for, and when you're supposed to be done for the day. Most people are going above board, but even legal sex workers are vulnerable to being taken advantage of in pretty grave ways.

If you've used this service, I'd love to hear about your experience!

Edit: I'm not suggesting that anyone seek employment in Adult Entertainment. But considering that pornography is a multi-billion-dollar industry, it's naive to think that nobody does. If this post and advice apply to you, I hope they're helpful. If they don't, enjoy them (or not) for entertainment/informational purposes only, but don't go reading anything crazy into it. Thanks!