Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Work Safe, Dude Doesn't Care

One of the odd things about my last workplace was that on any given day, you could walk by various offices and see genitalia displayed openly on computer monitors.

So, if the guy in the video below also worked in an STD research clinic, nobody would be particularly surprised if naked parts showed up on his computer. But because he works in a wealth management office, that surprise factor shoots up to about 9.5. Look over the talking head's left shoulder at about 1:00.

Now we're talkin' a spreadsheet!

My favorite part? Check out employee of the month at 1:34: "Wait, what?"

Let this be a life lesson for you, dear readers: if at work your computer monitor faces anything other than you and the wall behind you, save the topless photos for home. Especially when instead of the wall your computer monitor faces, say, the television camera crew that has set up across the room for the afternoon.

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  1. That's hilarious! It seems there was a realization right at the end...