Friday, May 21, 2010

Glee, Nekkid

I love Glee.  LOVE IT.  What self-respecting former drama geek - particularly what former musical theatre drama geek - doesn't?   It's hilarious, it's ruthless, it's educational (did you know that dolphins are really just gay sharks?) and reminds the country weekly that Jane Lynch is the best thing that has happened to television in a long time.  If they'd just stop auto-tuning professional, classically-trained singers, I would be in 100% hea-ven.  HEAVEN I TELL YOU.

Glee: where ephedrine + Katrina and the Waves = education!

Know what I love even more? That the folks at Hustler, the prolific pornographers who produced such porny parodies as "Not the Bradys: The Bradys Meet The Partridge Family" and the gripping political film "Who's Naylin' Paylin?" have rolled out their newest porntirical offering: "This Ain't Glee".  Trailer is NSFW due to language!


Honestly, it looks pretty terrible, but I'll plug it anyway because how often does the Sex Lady part of me get to hang out with the musical theatre dork part?  Not often, dammit.  And congrats to Glee...I've heard you're not anyone until you've been parodied - and I think that counts double if it's naked.


  1. But you'll plug, huh?

  2. Ooooh, naughty anonymous person!

  3. Dammit Chaka, they removed it. Apparently someone violated it on their own terms! LMAO. Hope your little naughty bear is happily watching over you. *Smile*

  4. JERKS!! I was advertising for them - for free - to the most intelligent people on the internet! The noive.

    Naughty Ms. Bear is very vigilant in her patrolling, and is happily situated next to a picture of my family and the laquered Chairman Mao lighter (that plays the PRC national anthem when flipped open) that my sister brought back for me from China. :)