Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thunderbolt - Party Naked

So this guy, Jay Thunderbolt, who is super tall and has a half-paralyzed face after getting shot in the head when he was 11, operates a strip club.  So what? you may ask, quite rightly.  Strip clubs are everywhere, even here in the Emerald City, where we are experiencing a die-off of 'em, what with the Lady closing and the dubious-at-best Ricks being shut down (with 4 other clubs owned by the same sleazy guys) as part of a racketeering/prostitution plea deal - but I digress.  Thunderbolt's club is different: it's in his house.

Like this house, only naked

Said house is described as "dark, dank and creepy" where the "walls are yellowed with years of smoking."  Alluring, no?  Well, considering this guy's been in business for YEARS, it works for at least some people.  In the back room of the house that, until recently, belonged to his elderly parents, is the, erm, performance area, outfitted with "fake wood paneling", old "greenish-brown" carpet, an old sectional couch.  For music, there is a big old Hi-Fi unit and an 8-track cassette deck, because apparently the door to the room is a time portal to 1977.

There is no cover charge, and no food or drink is served (though you're welcome to bring your own), so he's not breaking any zoning laws or anything, and he's supposed to be super stringent about following anti-prostitution laws - he's in the room for every lapdance the ladies throw down.  He's even nice enough to tell his neighbors what the deal is when he moves into a new place (the club's been in several houses at this point) because "the girls put a shitload of cars on the street."

Summer is modeling the "Muppet Fantasy Island" package

Aside from being a creative entrepreneur, he's also a humanitarian of sorts.  He's a friend to the Boys in Blue, sometimes instructing the ladies to "show them some boobs, press them up against the window and say thank you for being a cop" as they drive by on patrol.  He also gives to a breast cancer foundation, saying "I make my money off boobs, so...coughing up a couple bucks seemed like good karma to me."

You can read more about Thunderbolt (whose business cards read "Thunderbolt - Party Naked", which is one of the best business cards ever), Summer and the recently-late Thunderbolt Sr. here.  Is it creepy or clever?  Exploitative or entrepreneurial?  And here's the real question:  would you want him moving in next door?

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  1. not sure why we have issues with people making other people happy? I don't know the stats of those who frequent strip joints, and those who engage in violent behavior because of it? or std's for that matter. it seems like so much harmless fun(?)! that being said...I wouldn't want this guy living next door to me :)