Friday, May 14, 2010

Medical Supplies for Lovers

I was doing some shopping with a friend yesterday, and in one of the shops we ducked into, I found a little something on a table full of various flyers that absolutely made my day:

It's an internet store for bloodsports and medical fetishists!  Neither my friend nor the Manfriend knew such things existed, so in case you haven't either, here's a brief rundown of medical fetishes and bloodsports:

Medical fetishism is using medical situations, relationships, equipment, etc. for sexual satisfaction.  A very common example of a medical fetish is the whole "naughty nurse" fantasy.  More in-depth stuff can include vaginal, breast or rectal exams (often using specula or other equipment, but not always), enemas and rectal temperature taking.  The most intense stuff can go as far as using catheters, plaster casts and adult diapering.  It can get pretty hardcore.  If you're feeling brave (or sexy, if it's your thing) check out a web search on "medical fetish".  It's hella porny, so be prepared.  It's also not for the squeamish.

If you think these boobs are hardcore try putting 20-gauge needles through your scrotum

Bloodsports (or bloodplay) is an extreme subgroup of BDSM culture.  It's relatively self-explanatory - it's bleeding (or making others bleed) for sexual gratification.  It can be connected with vampire fetishism, for obvious reasons, but not always.  Sometimes it's just about the pain along with the look, taste and feel of the blood. There's also an aspect of danger that many people find very exciting.

I've only known one person (at least that I know of) that was into bloodplay, and he and his ladyfriend ended up in the ER more than once, so I've always sort of had the impression that unless you really know what you're doing, it can be super dangerous.  I also come from the world of infectious disease research, which has a tendency to see blood as little more than a vector for deadly things, but that's just me.  It's a controversial practice, considered a form of 'edgeplay' - meaning it's outside even the non-mainstream practice of BDSM. But hey, if you think it's sexy and know what you're doing, have at it.

I just figured out how this movie could have been a lot more interesting...

One of the most important things about exploring either of these fetishes safely is having good, clean (sterile, ideally) equipment - and is there to supply those things in a non-judgmental, professional way!  Not only do they supply them, but they seem to choose their products with a lot of care, and even have a blog they dedicate to describing the benefits of certain items.  I will never look at Chux in the same way again, but as someone who has ordered supplies for an actual medical clinic, I can say that $0.90/pad is a very reasonable price!


They really do appear to have everything a medically kinky boy or girl could want, including aftercare stuff.  And though their actual interface is not particularly inspiring, the mere fact they exist really is.  Thank you, KinkyMedical.  I may never need your services, but I'm glad you're out there for those that do.  And to all you kinky mofos out there, I love you to itty bitty pieces - stay real, you beauties!!


  1. It's an internet store for bloodsports and medical fetishists! Neither my friend nor the Manfriend knew Autoclave for sale such things existed, so in case you haven't either, here's a brief rundown of medical fetishes and bloodsports:

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