Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Night, Sweet Lady

The Seattle Lusty Lady is closing its doors this summer, and I could not be more sad about it.  Not only has its shiny marquee sexed up and amused Downtown Seattle since I was a monkey, it's known as being a great place for women to work - it's generally managed by females (which is a rarity in the industry), dancers are paid an hourly wage rather than being tip-dependent, providing a more stable income, and profit-sharing is only one of the benefits available to employees.

culture, dammit!

The Lusty Lady is right across the street from the Seattle Art Museum and right next door to the ritzy-as-hell new Four Seasons Hotel, and its marquee (which even Mimi Gates, director of the Art Museum and stepmother to  Bill, admits is a Seattle landmark) lends a certain flair of humanity to a block which is trying to get as gussied up as it can.  

The current marquee offerings are "Clash of the Tight Buns" and "The Skirt Locker".   Genius.

But the recession, along with the avalanche of pornography available for free on the internet, has dealt a blow the Lusty can't recover from.  The marquee comes down in June, and the doors close not long after.  Come on, couldn't it have been some seedy place that treats their workers like crap and never cleans the booths?  It's kind of a tragedy.  Boo.
Nomi wouldn't have had to trip a bitch if the Cheetah paid hourly!!

At least the Lusty shall live on in book form: The Lusty Lady is a book/photo essay by Erika Langley which chronicles her experiences as a dancer on staff at the Lusty Lady.  I read it several years ago and have never forgotten it.  

Farewell, my sparkly pink friend.  I shall miss your witty, titty-filled goodness.  You have served your city well.

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