Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chakabox is 1!

WHAT?!  Where does time go, I ask you?  This time last year, I had just come back from visiting my sister in the tropics, almost certainly decided to apply to graduate school, and decided (with the loving prodding of the Manfriend) that what the hizz, I was going to write a blog.

Now, my sister no longer lives in the tropics and is about to have a baby, I'm 9 months in to graduate school, and I've actually managed to carve out a wee niche into the interwebs.  Seriously, following your dreams is fun!

Cake courtesy of some of the best girlfriends a sex blogger could ask for!

So what will the next year hold?!?  I can't wait to find out.  We're going to have a site revamp at some point, and, provided you all don't burst into flames at the idea, I'll probably start carrying some advertising, because interns at community mental health centers make exactly $0/hr.  I've also got a few series to roll out that will impart such incredible and valuable knowledge that everyone who reads them will never be the same again.

Your sexiness will radiate - you'll be fighting them off with a stick

Thank you, sexy people, for reading and for supporting with comments and questions - they're my very favorite part of Chakabox. If I were to have one anniversary wish, it would be for MOAR!!  If you've got an opinion or a question or want to call bullshit, it would totally make my day.  Also, I've got a veritable army of resources - doctors, nurses, therapists included - and we're ready to tackle any question you can throw our way.  Let's get the world laid right, people - together we can DO EET!  I believe!!!

So here's to another great year!  I urge you to take this special day and...well...Get Some.  Even if it's on your own (who knows what you like better, right?!), you deserve it.  Play safely, play smart, but by all means, PLAY!  Have fun!!


  1. Congratulations Chakabox. I love your blog and learn lots & lots. I hope to "get some" very soon.

  2. way to go chakabox! now come to this end of the couch and GET SOME!