Thursday, February 3, 2011

Plotting Your Sexual Orientation

Not the crime novel kind of plotting, but the math kind!

I've posted before on the Kinsey Scale, which is a way of easily illustrating your sexual orientation to people, should it become their business for whatever reason.  I thought it was pretty handy - and it is - but recently, I've been introduced to a tool for illustrating a person's preferred sexual orientation that is way more accurate and inclusive.  It's the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid!

truly straight lines and angles don't really exist in the Klein Grid

The Klein Grid is actually based on the Kinsey scale, but takes it up a notch.  Also out a notch and slantways a notch and so on.  It doesn't just look at sexual behavior and fantasies, but also at emotional, social and lifestyle preferences, and how a person self-identifies.  

because if it were just about who you bone, there would be WAY more lesbians

You can put yourself on a Klein Grid here!  It's not the final word in sexual orientation, of course, but I like that it takes more than just sexy time into account when determining a person's placement.  Because while being LGBT is not a substitute for creating a personality for yourself, it's a hell of a lot more than just who you fantasize about, or even who you sleep with.  Thank you, Dr. Fritz Klein, for helping expand our understandinks!

Dr. Klein's sexuality portraiture!

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