Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun for Data Miners!

One of my favorite parts of the movie Amelie is this (NSFW) one:

Because I also wonder this!!

Now, I need not wonder anymore, thanks to none other than the interwebs. Enter!

The main page is a map with lots of pink and blue icons on it. Each of these markers represents people that have recently gotten it on. Some represent single couples, other large concentrations of couples. You can filter by how recently sex was had, the sex of the people gettin' it on, whether the sex was hetero- or homosexual, where it was had (on a couch? a boat?), whether it was someone's first time, and if a condom was used. FUN!

You can also zoom in really far to pretty much anywhere in the whole world, from the wide angle of the whole world to your very own streetcorner. You can also leave your own markers, completely anonymously!

I just learned that a girl had awesome shower sex last night at about 10:30 down by Fort Lewis, WA. And a guy in Seoul had a MARATHON earlier today that looks like it was a lot of fun. SO FUN! Yay!

IJML is the brainchild of the lovely people at SharQ Ltd., a Polish interactive web application development team. Thank you for this latest diversion, smiley Polish interweb people!

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