Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leather Retreat: Camp Non-Vanilla!

I went to camp when I was a kid, but it wasn't like this camp.  I mean, if I had been older than 11 and a lesbian (I went to Girl Scout Camp), I guess it could have been, but I think it would have been seriously, seriously frowned upon.  
"It's just...I don't think that's how they meant for the archery course to be used, is all."

Leather Retreat (link is NSFW) is a 3-5 day camp, held 3 times per year, for those in (or interested in) the "BDSM/leathersex, polyamory, open relationships and swinging, Eastern Philosophies, Earth-based spirituality, and Tantra" communities.  It takes place in northern Maryland (2 hours north of DC, 4 hour south of NY), on a 200-acre private site.  There are 40 (reportedly comfy, "this is not roughing it") cabins with showers, bathrooms and electricity, as well as several "event" spaces.

There's the Gymnasium playspace (broken down into several more intimate spaces) stocked with all kinds of goodies for use in all kinds of scenes - medical, interrogations, wax and all kinds of bondage, amongst other things.  Then there's the Barn, which is generally transformed into a vampire-themed area.  But really, it sounds like you're free to grab a friend(s) and go at it wherever, dining hall excluded.

They also have a "slave" auction, areas for edgeplay, simulated kidnappings, a Kinky State Fair, and the "Pamporium", a place for non-sexy body work and feelgoodedness.  The camp safe word is RED.

because even if it's for fun, getting your ass kicked can really take it outta ya

The fee (anywhere from $300-500) is all-inclusive, 3 meals (plus a midnight snack!), condoms, lube and fun.  It's primarily clothing optional, and all areas (including bathrooms) are co-ed, unless people create a one-gendered cabin. They really seem like an open and accepting bunch - everyone from monogamous heterosexuals to polyamorous genderqueers can likely find events, talks and playspaces dedicated to them.  If something is not represented, all campers are highly encouraged to introduce new ("safe, sane and consensual") things.  Do you have any idea how happy this kind of acceptance makes me?  Hella.

as happy as this would have made me at age 8

There's a Leather Retreat happening in just a couple of weeks, on June 23-28th, 2010 - registration is still open!  There's another happening in September, iffin' you need some time to get your fetish gear together.  If anyone goes to (or has been to) a Leather Retreat, let me know how it was - I'd love to get a first-hand account.  In the mean time, I'm going to let myself be inspired and invigorated by these folks who have reached out and taken what turns them on right by the balls - and then twist-twist-twisted their way into delight and personal satisfaction!

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