Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rape at Your Own Risk

It is probably not a surprise that I am very firmly anti-rape.  I mean, what kind of an asshole consciously rapes someone?  Unless agreed upon in a mutually consensual and explicitly discussed way beforehand, if someone says "no" (or any permutation thereof,) during sexy time, sexy time is over.  This is not a complicated concept.

assholes with horses, apparently

I don't like to make generalizations, because they're never true for everyone, and someone always gets offended and pissed off about it.  That being said, though, most rapists are men.  Are there female rapists?  Yes.  Are they assholes?  Yes.  Are they as numerous as their male counterparts?  Quite simply, no, and because of that, it's a generalization I'm comfortable making.

Because there are rapists out there, it does ladies good to do like lady ducks do and have a couple of safety tricks to keep themselves safe.  It can be as simple as holding onto her drink at a party, or sticking her keys through her fist when walking alone.  Some women, though, whose lives are scarier than I can even begin to imagine, need to pull out the big guns.

the AK-47 of anti-penis artillery

The big guns, in this case, is Rape-aXe, an anti-rape condom designed by Dr. Sonnette Ehlers, a South African doctor and kick-ass female.  It's an insert that can be fit inside the vagina that has little teeth on it - teeth that will bite right in to a penis that has not been invited in.  It won't cause permanent 'damage', but it does leave scars that a certain jerk will have to explain to someone he cares about down the line.

"Uh, well....I used to date this Sarlacc chick, see..."

It's ridiculous that such a device is actually useful, but because rapey-ass jerks are out there, I'm glad this thing exists.  I can't imagine that this thing is super comfy to walk around with, but I'd choose it over being raped any day.  There is some worry that the pain and outrage caused by Rape-aXe might prompt an assailant to hurt their victim, but what exactly were they about to do, start a tickle fight?  

It is my experience that when a penis is maimed in any way, there is little else the man attached to it is going to be thinking about.  This gives a victim time to run the hell away, leaving her attacker to deal with his new body accessory, which is about as good as anyone can hope for when it comes to being raped.  

If you are the victim of sexual assault and have not reached out for support, please do so, either by contacting Sexual Assault Support Services or even just emailing me.  I'm not equipped to help you personally, but can get you in contact with people who are.  You did not deserve what happened to you, and you do not deserve to suffer alone.  Even if you decide not to press charges, having someone to talk to about it will be key to your recovery - and recovery is something you DO deserve. 

May none of you ladies out there ever, ever have need for Rape-aXe.  And may you gentlemen never be in a position to be at the receiving end of one, because not only would that hurt for you, it would make you a rapist, which is just about as big an asshole as a guy can get.

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