Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sexy Last Minute Gift for the Girl Who Actually Has Everything

There are all kinds of ridiculous things that advertisers try and pass off as Christmas gifts.  I know there are households where a brand new Lexus is not unheard of as a present, but I also know there aren't enough of them to warrant the number of commercials you see this time of year with big-ass bows sitting on big-ass cars in big-ass driveways.

recession schmisession!

But in case you do come from one of those households, and it just so happens that you bought your sweetie a Lexus last year, fear not - the folks at Jimmyjane have got you covered!  Introducing the Jimmyjane Aficionado, a $10,000 collection of vibrators and other sexy delights!

conspicuous consumption has never felt soooo good!

Two of the included vibrators (there are 9 in all) are ultra-deluxe, one made from gold, the other platinum, and those, along with a third steel model, are studded with diamonds.  There's also a silver or gold "body lariat", candles that turn into massage oil, and a super swank silk and leather blindfold.

They're even conflict-free diamonds!

Personally, I'd rather have a gift of diamonds in a setting that could be worn, say, out in public, but I don't yet live in a household where $10,000 can be reasonably spent on much of anything besides a down payment for real estate.  Who knows, maybe if I had a kajillion dollars, I'd feel differently.


If you have a kajillion dollars and do feel differently, and if you're looking for a gift that says "I have a kajillion dollars and care about your orgasms," the Aficionado might be just the thing!  You'll have to splurge for expedited shipping to get it by Saturday, but you have a kajillion dollars and just spent $10K on sex toys, so I suspect that's mostly OK with you.

Thanks to Olaries for the heads up!

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