Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NYC is Pretty Neat, It Turns Out

I've never been to New York.  I've had various friends living there on and off since right after high school, but I've still never managed to get there.  There are some things that sound amazing about it, like 4 million restaurants from every country in the world, not to mention 4 million PEOPLE from every country in the world.  But then someone will say something like "every streetcorner in Manhattan smells like a different asshole" and the bloom comes off the rose a little.

 thank you, Manfriend, for that potent description

The Big Apple has another positive check mark on the "New York is rad and I should actually go there" list with their NYC Condom Campaign.  The public health department is handin' rubbers (and lube!) out like candy, which is something I like in a city.  

NYC, we should totally get drinks

The campaign has now gone all 21st century and shite - they've developed an application for iPhone and Android (if you are also of the 21st century and/or anti-Windows phones) that will tell you where the nearest condoms are to you!  Using GPS and space and satellites and whatnot!  That is some space age sexy goodness!!

Even space age spermies and STDs are no match for that kind of technology, yo

Hats off (and pants off!) to NYC, that international metropolis of sexiness and life.  Way to innovate, peeps.  I'm not going to pick up stakes and move any time soon, but it is about time I get there for a visit, if only to geek out on 21st century condom availability.  And also eat shawarma and bagels and pizza and meet up for some long-due cocktails.

And also tooooootally geek out on Broadway shows!
NYC, we've got a date.  I'll probably bring the Manfriend, but he'll be cool with it - he's very open-minded.

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