Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sexy Books With An Actual Story

Sexy books are fun, but sometimes you want something more than just bangin'.  I was 13 when I found Butterfly in a friend's bedroom, and ooooooooh, watch out.  The gold parts of the cover were all embossed like books from the grocery store, and though now it's so 80s it's kind of charming, back then it was the 80s and it was just kind of fabulous.  

Where are my Dynasty shoulder pads and L'Oreal mousse?

Seriouly, this book is awesome.  It's got highly entertaining parallel storylines about super high-powered women who belong to this Beverly Hills brothel called Butterfly - as the customers.  There's also this whole overarching story about the rise of a self-made, super-rich business woman with designs on destroying a slimy televangelist on account of he did her wrong when she was a hooker in Texas.  

you can't make this stuff up, apparently

And then there's the sexy bits!  There's the stuff that goes on at Butterfly (confederate soldiers, highwaymen, cowboys - even one woman that gets it on in a hot tub with two men!  This totally blew my newly-teenage mind, let me tell you what) as well as various and random sexy parts that go on in the "real world".   And then there's detailed descriptions of all the food they ate and what everyone wore - like the best parts of Nancy Drew novels only x-rated and hella from the 80s!  SO GOOD!

You wouldn't believe what happens when those shoulder pads come off...

I tried on a series of Harlequin romance novels, but, frankly, I found them lacking.  I didn't read them for the same reason I don't watch Sex and the City:  watching women desperately search for husbands is not particularly interesting to me.  (Oooooooh, I said it!  I said it and I'm GLAD!)

There were some frickin' cute shoes on that show, though

ANYWAY, then there's the sexy book that put everything else to shame (though I'll admit, I'm totally re-reading Butterfly right now, because it is pretty awesome).  It's technically in a different category than romance novels, but really, "erotica" books are just romance novels that publishers say have literary value on top of being all sexy sexy.  

this chick new how to turn a girl on, I'm tellin' you.

It's a series of short-stories written in the 1940s about all kinds of different eccentric old aristocrat and his randy adventures across Europe, a captivating woman and her revolutionary lover, a seductive prostitute with men trailing in her's delicious and sexy and makes me wish I could hang out and drink wine with Anais Nin.  

That smirk means she has super interesting things to say, I just know it

There are others, and I may highlight them from time to time, but this will get you started.  You'll never be more happy to know how to make paper book covers because you totally won't be able to put them down.  

Do you have any favorite sexy books or stories?  Do tell!!

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