Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Richard the Lionhearted, Pasty Cline and ME!

While Rhodesia was busy becoming Zimbabwe, the Soviet Union was busy capturing Afghanistan, and Rod Stewart and Steve Miller were busy duking it out for Billboard's #1, my Ma and Pa were busy gettin' busy.

After some big surprises, some big decisions and a poorly-administered spinal block (the anesthesiologist came and APOLOGIZED to my mother the next day - and she had a CESAREAN. This woman has a ridiculous pain threshold, I swear), selaka and her dizygotic sistercreature were introduced to this crazy world, 45 seconds apart.

Here's to ma and pa fer gettin' some and stickin' with it, to my sistercreature for being superfun science lady, and to my unequaled manfriend for a delicious dinner, lots of birthday kisses, and for designing a beautiful chakabox.com logo that will be displayed here in a couple of days.

Happy day indeed!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the other of the dizygotic pair! What an interesting take on a birthday! More, please.