Friday, September 4, 2009

The Chakabox Bill of Rights

Excuse me if I go a little sex-educator cliche here for a sec, but it's time to lay it down.

Assuming you are of a legal age and mental ability to make your own sexual decisions, and that any partner (or partners) are human, consensual, legal and alive, you have the right to:

  • Experience sexual pleasure.
  • Be sexual at all ages and stages of your life.
  • Define your own sexuality, how you wish to express it, and with whom.
  • Remain celibate.
  • Enjoy your body and all of its sensations.
  • Pursue sexual satisfaction any way you choose - without shame.
  • Ask for what you want and to set your own limits.
  • Say NO to any sexual encounter at any time.
  • Say YES to any sexual encounter at any time.
  • Feel GOOD about saying yes and no.
  • Partners who respect you and are willing to communicate.
  • Know if a partner might put you at risk of an STD, and to insist they get tested.
  • Ask questions and to receive accurate and factual information about sex and sexual health.

No matter how basic these rights may be, they don't guarantee deep contentment and orgasmic bliss for all time. Sometimes putting your foot down means someone hits the road. You also have to respect these rights in your partners, as well, which means you don't always get everything you want all the time.

Now go exercise your rights!!

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