Saturday, September 12, 2009

Plasticized Sexy Time

I saw the Bodies exhibit when it came through Seattle last year, and thought it was one of the most incredibe exhibits I've ever seen. If you've not heard of it, it is a collection of real human cadavers that have undergone a procedure called plastination. The detail was just piece was just a nervous system...there was another that was just the circulatory system. It was every anatomy textbook in the plasticized flesh.

Well, now the German anatomist that pioneered the plastination process, Gunther Von Hagens, and and his wife Angelina Whalley have taken the idea to the next level (because apparently a dude on his horse and a dude holding his own skin aren't awesome enough) and created 2 plasticized people gettin' it on. And now they want to do a whole exhibition!!

The manfriend, who sent me the link, finds this hideous ("Gah! This is right up your alley, babe, but it's horrible"), but I find it to be wholly, entirely awesome. Please please please go through with it, Gunther and Angelina. Please go through with it and send it on a US tour and make Seattle a stop on said tour. Hell, I'll even go to Germany. Beer, sausage, beautiful countryside, fast cars for the manfriend AND plastic sex shows? Zählen Sie mich innen!

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