Monday, September 7, 2009

Nervous Sounding Guy

It is evening at the Bookstore, 1999-2000ish. The phone rings.

me: "Thank you for calling the Bookstore, how may I help you?"

nervous sounding guy: "Yeah...uh...I've kind of got an emergency on my hands...I need a book, like, you have a copy of 'A Hand in the Bush'?"

me (looking in computer system): "By Deborah Addington? I'm afraid to say we don't have it in stock, but I can have it here in a couple of days."

NSG: ", that's alright. I really need it tonight. Thanks anyway." Click.

Oh, Nervous Sounding Guy, I want to know your story. I know you may have been some college punk trying to get a rise out of the girl on the phone, or some lonely old man trying to get a rise out of himself...but I like to think your call was in earnest. That some delicious kinky vixen was waiting there in the background, getting more and more insistent with each moment, and that you were so stoked to have the opportunity to finally give this a try, but want to make sure you were doing it right so you sought printed reference material.

I love that this book exists. I love that this guy called and asked for it. I really hope he was legit...and I really hope he found his book. I hope he found himself wrist-deep in delight and half deaf from the screams. Sigh.

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