Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barrier fun!

And now, a quick primer (or refresher) on how to operate latex and polyurethane barriers! Good times!

(thanks to EvilMinded1!)
Couple things to add:
  • check the expiration date on the condom wrapper - throw it away if it's expired!
  • make sure there is air inside the unopened condom wrapper - if there is no air, the wrapper has been compromised - throw it away!
  • pinch the tip of the condom before rolling it on to create a little pocket - it gives the cum somewhere to go.
  • don't keep condoms in your wallet or pants pockets - heat breaks down latex!
  • spermicidal condoms and lube can be irritating to the vagina or rectum, and can actually increase the risk of STD transmission - use them with caution!
(thanks to msuhealthpro!)
The only thing about dental dams is that they can be hard to find and are REALLY expensive. You can totally Martha Stewart up your own, though, using a condom and a pair of ordinary household scissors:

Dental dams for pennies on the dollar - it's good thing.

Have fun and be careful!!

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