Friday, March 19, 2010

No Babies: Getting Off the Hormone Train

A woman taking hormonal birth control will usually stop using it at one point or another, either because she's ready to make babies, she's not getting any, or she's just ready for a break. Just like it takes the body a little time to get used to a woman taking hormones, it needs a little time to get used to her not taking them, too.

Common symptoms are mild nausea, fatigue, sluggishness, breast tenderness, weight loss (usually 2-10 lbs), changes in sexual desire (some want it all the time, others want none of it at all), and some variability in menstrual cycles. These symptoms can last for several weeks up to a couple of months, but will eventually dissipate completely.

Move it, gorilla, she wants off the hormone train!!

Now, something to know is that these symptoms are also signs of early pregnancy. If a woman is still having sex with boys, especially if she's not using condoms nigh-unto-religiously, and these symptoms don't dissipate or start to get more pronounced in that time frame, it's time to pee on a stick. Many women need a month or two for their reproductive parts to get back online, but not everyone.

Of this I am 100% sure. Know why? Because my sistercreature, who went off the Pill in December because she was sick of it, wrote me in January saying "Damn, girl, you need to write something about how messed up you get after going off birth control. I feel all funky and my tits hurt," but it wasn't because of her pills, it's because she's PREGNANT! She and her amoreaux were "kinda half-assing" birth control, and now I get to be an AUNTIE! Of a HUMAN! YAY!

My nephew, Pepino. His brother, Duquan, is an ill-tempered bird.
Neither enjoy lullabies.

So, moral of the story is that getting off hormonal BC takes some getting used to, just like getting on did. And if making babies is not in the plan, make sure condom usage is not half-assed!

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