Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smoking + Percieved Pedophelia = Panties in Twist

So, what's happening in this picture?

most people wait until afterwards, but whatever

According to a French ad agency (the French are on a mission to make public service announcements as creepy as possible, apparently) it is exemplifying how smoking cigarettes makes you a slave to tobacco. Because only slaves give blow jobs. While smoking. Or something.

Wait, what?

I'm not particularly shocked by this ad campaign, but I'm relatively unshockable, except when pointless violence, gross unfairness, and/or spiders are involved. Plenty of people are, though. Really, I'm just confused. I mean, I get it - tobacco companies are trying to face-rape the virginal doe-eyed youth who are our future - but it's just not very effective.

This doesn't scream "Oh no, these kids are sex slaves. . .damn you tobacco!" to me. To me, it looks like some pasty kids wondering, "Does he know that the thing he wants me to touch his cock with is, in actual fact, on fire?"


  1. That just really confuses me :( At least in those Anti-Aids adds with either Hitler or scorpion-sex, I could understand the mindset of: "Oh my god, I will be raped by a giant spider and/or a genocidal dictator if I have unprotected sex!"

  2. I want to know why the guy in the ad with the girl smoking isn't wearing a jacket. There's some kind of weird bias or mind trick in that...

  3. This makes slug sex so normal.

  4.'re totally right, Katie! Now I am offended.