Friday, March 5, 2010

Sherri's 'View' on Sex

I don't know much about Sherri Shepherd, because as much as I want to love the View as I once did (old school style when Meredith Vieira, Lisa Ling and Starr Jones-before-she-went-crazy were still on), but these days I try and watch and I can't understand what anyone's saying for all the talking over each other. I mean, that's just bad TV, people.

But anyway, like I was saying, I don't know much about Sherri Shepherd, but I suspect I love her because this is hilarious in a way that Madonna never intended to be.

You can totally understand her without 4 other women shouting over her!

Do you remember when that book was scandalous? Ok, it's still scandalous that she slept with Vanilla's scandalous that ANYONE slept with Vanilla Ice...but you can see the rest of it on frickin' billboards these days. Bless you, Sheri Shepherd, for breathing new life into stale soft-core pornography.

Enjoy!! It's NSFW!!

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