Sunday, March 7, 2010


Humpday is a film about two old friends, Ben (married with a new house and trying to have a baby) and Andrew (Mr. Backpack Adventure Man), that haven't seen each other in a decade. At a party one night, they end up drunkenly daring each other to make a gay porn movie together for a local erotic film festival (a send up of Seattle's HUMP! festival).

The idea is that porn is so played out that the only barrier yet to cross is a movie about 2 straight men screwing (which HAS been done, extensively so, but whatever). After said party scene, the rest of the movie is basically them deciding whether or not they're going to go through with it, because neither is willing to punk out on the dare.

I can't say the movie's without faults - it can seem a little too pleased with its own cleverness at times, and is probably about 15 minutes too long. Even so, it touches on some themes that don't often get touched in American films...the nature of love between heterosexual men, the idea that sex can be a friendly act, and the fact that sexual acts outside of a marriage don't necessarily have to threaten or destroy said marriage, provided people actually talk to each other about it.

The movie's been the buzz of the indie circuit this year. It was one of the first films to nab a distribution deal at the most recent Sundance film festival, and this past Friday, it won the John Cassavetes award (for best feature made for less than $500K) at the Independent Spirit Awards (the Oscars of the independent film industry). This is exiting to me for three main reasons:

First, it's a comedy about sex that isn't stupid and vapid. Second, it's a Seattle movie through and through (cast, crew, everything), and it nailed my hometown in a way I have never seen done before (Singles didn't quiiiiite get there, in my opinion). Third, the woman who plays Ben's wife Anna (Alycia Delmore), was one of my dearest friends in high school. I'd recommend the movie even if she wasn't in it, but the fact that she is makes it that much more awesome. I am so unbelievably happy and excited for her, I can't hardly stand it!

So go see some Humpday, people. It might annoy you in places, but it's well worth the ride!

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