Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sexy Furniture

Classes started again this week, so my posting regularity might go down a little for a while.  I will totally not leave you cracked out and twitchy, though, because that's not cool.  For your fix of random sexy stuff for the day, I present you with Mario Philippona, dutch sculptor, furnituremaker and fan of the female form.

FABULOUS.  I'm not running out to go put it into my house, partly because I'm not yet at a place where hand-sculpted designer furniture is practical, and partly because my general design scheme does not really have a place for tit cabinets, but I love these.  The only one that makes me truly sad I don't have, though, is this:


Because every design scheme has room for a tasteful yoni wine service.  This is going into the inventory of my dream house, along with one of those multi-headed shower rooms, a 6-burner gas cooktop, and a leather recliner with full body massage action.

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