Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Apparently, a British woman is claiming that she became pretty much permanently sexually aroused after falling off her Wii Balance Board. Seems to me the Wii connection is kind of incidental, frankly.  I mean, it's not like she was using the thing in a prescribed manner and had some of legendary unending orgasm whilst doing Super Mario Yoga or something.

This exists.
She fell off!  It could have been a log, or a stool, or a pile of leaves! Why bring the Wii into it at all, other than to have good headlines? Well, the Daily Star is listed as a tabloid newspaper in the UK, so probably the headline angle is as good as any, but honestly, I don't know squat about British newspapers and apologize if this is all just nonsense.  But whatever, this is a blog, not the newspaper, and it's entertaining as hell, so let's venture on, shall we?

The woman's fall ended up damaging a nerve that has left her highly susceptible to sexual arousal from even slight vibration (cell phones and food processors are specifically mentioned in the article, the latter of which seems dangerous, if you ask me).  She was diagnosed with Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, which is a very real, though relatively rare, condition.  

Women with PSAS experience the physical symptoms of sexual arousal (increased vaginal lubrication, clitoral tinglies, etc.) with no corresponding sexual feelings or thoughts.  They can feel the need to masturbate upwards of 20 times a day, which seems exhausting, frankly.  The woman in question (who, the Daily Star is kind enough to point out, is 24 and single) currently tries to "control her passion by breathing deeply", which also seems exhausting.

What do you think the gloves are for?

You can read more about PSAS here.  You can read more about some reported (probably unlicensed) Wii accessories that actually are sex toys here.  You can read about my favorite Wii game here.  It has an actual name, but we just call it "Surgery Game".  It is awesome.  It will not give you an orgasm (at least, I don't think it will) but it will also not leave you horny all the time, which is also a bonus!


  1. I more want to know if you had that Ron Jeremy Mario picture on hand or if you had to find it. I feel disturbed.

  2. I must not reveal my secrets lest I appear less mysterious and alluring.

  3. Hahaha I wonder what it's like to be her husband? And, is she hot??

  4. Oh boy! Lucky the future husband will be. Oh so very lucky.