Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Way To Set an Example, Ya Jerks

When I first heard about the plight of Constance McMillen, I thought it was one of the more ridiculous things I'd ever heard.  Constance, a lesbian teenager, wanted to take her girlfriend to prom, which so incensed her school board that they cancelled the prom.

I may be a decade or so out of high school, but I haven't forgotten that prom was a big deal, whether you loved it or hated it.  It's an iconic part of the American teenage experience, especially in the South, from what I understand (this all went down in Mississippi).  So for educators to cancel it, simply to discriminate against a student, was so far beyond the pale I could hardly believe it was true.

Constance McMillen, the face of EVIL, apparently

But it gets WORSE.  Apparently, students' parents planned a private event to replace the cancelled dance.  However, when Constance and her date showed up to said prom (which was actually a replacement to the replacement), they found that only 5 other students, the principal, and a handful of teachers were there.  Everyone else was at the "real" prom, happening at an undisclosed location - a prom that not everyone was invited to, apparently.

Andie was at least told where the prom WAS, even if Blaine was too chicken to take her

This was not some prank perpetrated by spiteful children, this was planned and carried out by their PARENTS.  Bigotry like this makes me want to spit.  And throw things.  And maybe go out to Wade's and straight up shoot things.  I mean, if it didn't actually just happen to a couple of 17-year-old girls, it would seem like an exaggerated story told to make the South look bad. . .these were ADULTS, for crying out loud!

The ACLU has been involved since before the initial cancellation, arguing that a school prohibiting same-sex prom dates violated students' constitutional rights, an argument a Mississippi court agreed with.  In fact, the only reason the school-sponsored prom was allowed to remain cancelled was because school officials assured the court that a private replacement dance was being organized by parents, one that Constance would be invited to.  I suppose that happened, technically...but the ACLU is investigating, anyway.

It's just revolting to me that grown men and women would stoop so low.  Nobody deserves to feel like it's better to live in the shadows, ashamed of who they are.  These parents, on the other hand, should feel ashamed for not only teaching, but modeling such asinine and hateful behavior.  Yuck.  Just...yuck.


  1. Nice article. I didn't realize there was a secret "real" prom.

  2. also, two of the other students invited to the fake prom had learning disabilities. the agenda of the parents was to keep the undesirables away from the real prom. disgusting!

    on a "you reap what you sow" note; the westboro babtist chuch is planning to picket constance's graduation. a hateful group of people are about to get schooled on REAL hatred.