Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GO, Steamworks!!

Last night, the Manfriend and I were taking a stroll over to one of our favorite little places to have some cocktails (who says date night can't be on a Tuesday?!), when we passed by something that gave me a natural high that lasted even after my actually-not-too-sweet gin lemon drops started warming things up.  (BTW, if you've never had a lemon drop with gin instead of vodka, you should totally give it a try - it is a beautiful thing.)

John would've understood how I felt...

What we passed was Steamworks, a men's bathhouse.  Now, this is not the first bathhouse that has been in this particular location, and it's certainly not the only bathhouse in Seattle (or the neighborhood, for that matter), but it's the first one I've seen to put big posters of sexy guys all over the outside advertising that they provide free condoms.  Posters with sexy guys?  Yes.  Sexy guys advertising free condoms?  Not until now!!

I have mixed feelings about men's bathhouses, though I am the first to admit that as a heterosexual female, I'm not exactly an expert on the subject.  On the one hand, they provide a place where guys can not only get laid, but that is their own, where homophobia and cultural disenfranchisement can be left at the door.  But on the other hand, they've been a public health nightmare, and played no small part in the HIV epidemic.

But that's why Steamworks seems to be so great - they're serious about keeping their community safe.  Aside from the free lube and condoms that are apparently everywhere (if multiple reviews are to be believed), but several of their 5 locations host different health groups that provide STD testing as often as once a week.  They have a zero tolerance drug policy, meaning their members can't get all tweaked out on meth or poppers and lose their heads.  This is my kind of bathhouse.

Well, it's actually not my kind of bathhouse (there's a women's bathhouse up the hill, but they frown on people having sex there) but I'm glad they've moved in, nonetheless.  Welcome to the neighborhood, Steamworks!  Thanks for helping keep our men healthy!


  1. Still scary for straight boys though...

  2. True...if you are not looking to be licked on by boys, one should probably not venture in, as licking boys is mostly the point, from what I understand.