Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hedgehog

When "Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy" came to the movie theater across the street from the bookstore where I worked back in 2001, nobody would see it with me, because they were laaaaaaame. Being the person I am, I went by my damn self, because how could I miss a whole entire movie about the most prolific and unexpected porn star in history?

I just love the guy. He uses plastic bags as his luggage. He dyes his eyebrows. He taught Special Ed before he became an actor. Yes, his nickname is "The Hedgehog", which does kinda paint a good picture, but he seems to genuinely love women, his job and life itself. AND he has a 9.75" cock and a reputation for nirvana-inducing cunnilingus skills! What's not to love?!

Pre-hedgehog days - nummers!

Jeremy has performed over a thousand films, directed and written hundreds more, appeared in documentaries, television shows, music videos, live appearances...and he wrote a book that I will be reading as soon as I have 2 seconds to read something not related to couples and family therapy.

Here is an interview he did with TIME magazine a couple of years ago, which inspired this post. Here's to you, Ron Jeremy, for making fat, hairy and bald something the ladies can't stop jumping on.


  1. you should check out the film "Being Ron Jeremy" it's a spoof on Being John Malkovitch... but it's funny and you'll never guess who's the star!

  2. And it's on Netflix Watch Instantly - I know what I'm doing tonight!!