Friday, January 15, 2010

Three is the Magic Number

Apparently, Washington, DC is cracking down on prostitution. They're creating "prostitution free zones" in parts of the city that have higher than average prostitution activity. Once an area is designated as a PFZ, 2 or more people standing around for the purpose of prostitution will be told to take a hike, and if they don't, they get a free ride downtown.

The big story out about this is that one of the ways officers can determine if people are on the game, or just participating in a flash mob, is by looking at how many condoms people have on them. Those with 3 or more condoms also get a free ride downtown, because only sex workers and their johns carry more than 1 condom at a time.

Those are the first notes in the song about how the person carrying all 3 of these at once is a whore

Now, that's not exactly true - the DC police are saying that having multiple condoms alone isn't reason enough arrest someone, but that it can be a factor in "justifying an investigative stop."
Again, because someone can't possibly want to get laid more than once in a night without money changing hands.

Even though they aren't arresting people for carrying multiple condoms, the city with the highest HIV rate in the US is not exactly making a smart move, here. Making condoms a factor in sex workers getting picked up will not make prostitution less common, only less safe. It will not only make everyday people less likely to carry condoms, it will most certainly make sex workers (and those who seek their services) less likely to. WHAT KIND OF THINKING IS THAT? Stupid thinking, that's what kind.

Here is a petition for you to sign, if you are so inclined (orange button on the left). The petition folks also suggest writing to the mayors of DC, New York and San Francisco, (whose police departments have similar policies about condoms) and "asking them to tell their police forces to stop considering condoms as evidence of intent to commit any crime." It works especially well if you live in one of those cities (and some of you do....) and could potentially vote for the other guy next time if you don't get your way.

So don't let the man bring you down, tell him what's up. And thank you, Drew, for the heads up on this ridiculousness via the Chakabox Facebook page!

Go forth and carry those condoms with pride, ya hookers!

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